Nanocellpharm together with acdemic institutions and research centers participates in scientific project: ‘Therapeutic potential of adipose-derived stem cells, proven in clinical trials and examined in vitro – rationale for banking of well characterized cells.

The main objective of the project is to simplify the bench-to-bedside road for wide clinical use of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSC) in regenerative medicine. The project will be performed in two pathways: “From lab to the clinical tests” and “From lab to the banking service and further improvement of the clinical offer”. In the first one we will perform two clinical trials dedicated to diabetic foot ulcer and skin problems (scars, aging). In the latter, we will develop the advanced service of ADSC banking with individually characterized differentiation potency of each deposit. To find a fast method for this, we will look for a correlation between cell differentiation potency confirmed in culture and the results of transcriptome and epigenetic analysis. In the first path we will use the experience in ADSC isolation and culture, we already have. In the second, we aim in establishing innovative methods of ADSC isolation and manipulation including co-culture (various cells from a single ADSC source), cell-biomaterial (wound care products use for cell delivery) and macromolecular crowding systems. Human ADSC immunogenicity will be examined in the context of potential ADSC use in GvHD or in allogeneic applications. Overall, the university partners will give knowhow and the business partners will validate and adapt the developed procedures to the practical use.

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