NanoCellPharm is a rapidly developing company which implements and provides support to innovative projects in biotechnology, materials and cell engineering, regenerative medicine and clinical trials. The area of our activity encompasses both the field of primary research and the field of implementation of medical products. We specialise in the introduction of new pharmaceuticals and preparations from stem cells.
We conduct activities aimed at fostering scientific research, technological development and innovation.
We engage predominantly in studies conducted for the primary purpose of gaining new knowledge with a specific practical application in view.
Our team have extensive experience in managing, coordinating and monitoring clinical trials. We guarantee the highest standards of research conduct ensured additionally by the active participation of our staff members in the meetings organised by the Association for Good Clinical Practice in Poland (GCPpl).
We have experience in preparing the documentation required in the process of registration of new medicinal products and medical devices.
We cooperate with top specialists and scientists from academic institutions of higher education and research centres throughout Poland.

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